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It's easy to run to the grocery store and get sweets made in a factory. But you can experience a whole new world of sweet treats by calling Something Sweet Edible Treats instead. Our local bakery in Henderson, KY creates custom baked goods and sweets from scratch using fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes. And we don't just stop at conquering your craving. Our culinary artist will help you create a treat that pleases your eyes as much as your taste buds.

Enjoy anything from cookies and cakes to chocolate-dipped fruit when you contact us today.

Put a Sweet Spin on Your Favorite Fruity Snack

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Explore the wide world of sweets

Looking for some variety in your snack routine? Instead of settling for the same old box cookies every day of the week, try something new from our local bakery. We make...

All you have to do is place your order and choose a convenient time to pick it up. Call 270-860-5103 to get started.